Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond

This book, Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond,  is a must read for anyone that has tested their DNA, is looking to test their DNA, or just wants to learn more about DNA research for genealogy. This book was one of the first books that I ever read about the subject.

It helped me understand the common terminology used in the DNA world and also better understand the different tests and companies that are out there.

It also provided me with the motivation that I needed to test with the major testing companies. Now I consider my self to be better informed to answer any questions that you may have about DNA testing for genealogy.

This book will take the reader from the basics of DNA testing to the more advanced topics of x-DNA and also of triangulation. Triangulation is the process of finding others that have a common ancestor and match on the same segments. Of course, that is the short simple explanation it is more complex than that but the book grabs your hand as you go along.

I highly recommend that you read the rest of the post and if you want to advance your knowledge about DNA genealogical research I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book to be it either for the Kindle or the printed version.

Cover of Book: Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond

Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond

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Description of the book by Amazon:

Finally, in the rapidly evolving field of genetic genealogy, an up-to-date resource is here! A Genetic Genealogy Handbook: The Basics and Beyond provides genealogists with the knowledge and confidence to use DNA testing for family research. The book guides genealogists in understanding various tests and determining what DNA segments came from which ancestor. The book explains how DNA testing helps when written records stop and discusses how testing proves or disprove oral family history. Learn which tests help adoptees; understand why you resemble your relatives and how testing can connect you with cousins you never knew. Discover how to encourage potential cousins to test and learn guidelines for becoming a project administrator, genetic genealogy speaker or facilitator for your genealogical society’s DNA interest group. A Genetic Genealogy Handbook: The Basics and Beyond helps experienced and fledgling researchers become genetic genealogists able to use DNA testing to resolve genealogical roadblocks. –

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

  • Chapter 1 A Brief History of Genetic Genealogy
  • Chapter 2 Building Blocks for Understanding DNA
  • Chapter 3 Types of DNA Tests
  • Chapter 4 To Test or Not to Test
  • Chapter 5 Testing Goals and Test Candidates
  • Chapter 6 Convincing a Person to Test
  • Chapter 7 Choosing a Testing Company
  • Chapter 8 What to Do While Waiting for Results
  • Chapter 9 What to Do When Test Results Arrive
  • Chapter 10 Upgrading a Test
  • Chapter 11 Triangulation
  • Chapter 12 Chromosome Mapping and Phasing
  • Chapter 13 Being a DNA Project Administrator
  • Chapter 14 Creating a DNA Interest Group
  • Chapter 15 Becoming a DNA Speaker

About the Author:

Emily Aulicino, a genealogist who has researched her lineage both nationally and internationally since 1970, is the Northwest speaker and regional coordinator of the International Society of Genealogy (ISOGG). Aulicino manages 13 DNA projects and a surname study at the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS). She has given presentations on genetic genealogy and has been a guest speaker for a large variety of audiences, including Family Tree DNA’s International Conference; Southern California Genealogical Society’s DNA Day at Jamboree; a DNA surname project conference in Virginia; the All Cultural Society of Ireland, a Jewish Genealogical Society, the West Coast Summit on African-American Genealogy, the Left Coast Eisteddfod, and various genealogical and lineage societies. She also created a DNA interest group at her genealogical society where she teaches several times a year. Aulicino’s blogs on genetic genealogy and writing have received numerous awards. She has been interviewed about her genetic genealogy work for television and for various newspapers. Aulicino’s article on “DNA Testing? Solving Mysteries and Uniting Families” appeared in Irish Roots (Dublin, Ireland). Aulicino was selected to preview National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 test and to participate in an autosomal research study that is exploring the reasons for the significant difference in match probabilities between Jewish and non-Jewish populations. Among Aulicino’s published works are a family history, a handbook for writing family and childhood memories. Emily Aulicino remains current in her knowledge of genetic genealogy and in the latest techniques for exploring genealogy by attending yearly conferences and continuing family research. Aulicino assists Family Tree DNA at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live conference annually by explaining how DNA testing helps genealogists, what tests can assist researchers and in collecting DNA samples.

Get Your Copy of Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond:

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I hope that you find this book useful and informative as I have. Please let me know in the comment area of what you thought about this book.

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