Adam’s Curse The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Destiny

Bryan Sykes follows up on The Seven Daughters of Eve with an equally challenging and well-written book titled Adam’s Curse The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Destiny.

In this book, Sykes looks to a possible future without men. The seeds of the book’s topics were sown when Sykes met a pharmaceutical company chairman who shared his surname. He then by using the Y chromosome, which is passed nearly unchanged from father to son, found that he shared a distant ancestor with the other Sykes, including the pharmaceutical chairman.

Along the way, he discovered that the Y chromosome was worth examining more closely. The first third of Adam’s Curse is devoted to a clear and comprehensive lesson about genetics, the second narrates several fascinating stories of tracing ancestry via the Y chromosome, and the last chapters explore the history of male humanity and its future.

In chapter 21 Sykes gets to the heart of the matter, why and how the Y chromosome has created a world where men own most of the wealth and power, commit the crimes, and fight the wars. He also uses the structural puniness of the Y chromosome to demonstrate that men are as unnecessary biologically as they are dominant socially.

Even though this book it was written back in 2003 it is still very relevant and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Cover of Book: Adam’s Curse The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Destiny

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Description of the book

Adam’s Curse The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Destiny:

The inside story of the Y chromosome’s fatal flaw, as told by one of the world’s leading geneticists.

By the nationally best-selling author of The Seven Daughters of Eve, Adam’s Curse investigates the ultimate evolutionary crisis: a man-free future. How is it possible that the Y chromosome, which separated the sexes and allowed humans to rise to the apex of the animal kingdom, also threatens to destroy sexual reproduction altogether? Bryan Sykes confronts recent advances in evolutionary theory to find the answers to the questions that inexorably follow: Is there a genetic cause for men’s greed, aggression, and promiscuity? Could a male homosexual gene possibly exist? A must-read for anyone interested in popular science, family genealogy, and today’s infertility crisis, Adam’s Curse provokes a shocking debate on the nature of sexual reproduction. 6 illustrations

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

  1. The Origin of Mr. Sykes
  2. The Lonely Chromosome
  3. Ribbons of Life
  4. The Last Embrace
  5. Sex and the Single Chromosome
  6. How to Make a Man
  7. Sex Tips form Fish
  8. Why Bother with Sex?
  9. The Ideal Republic
  10. The Sense of Sex
  11. The Separation of the Sexes
  12. A War on Two Fronts
  13. A Rage to Persuade
  14. Men of the World
  15. Blood of the Vikings
  16. The Y-Chromosome of Somhaile Mor
  17. The Great Khan
  18. The Old School Register
  19. The Eleven Daughters of Traci Lewis
  20. The Slaughter of the Innocents
  21. The Rise of the Tyrant
  22. The Sperm of Tara
  23. The Gay Gene Revisited
  24. Gaia’s Revenge
  25. Lifting the Curse

About the Author:

Bryan Sykes is a professor of human genetics at Oxford University. His company, Oxford Ancestors, traces human genetic backgrounds. Sykes’s books include the New York Times best-selling The Seven Daughters of Eve

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I hope that you find this book useful and informative as I have. Please let me know in the comment area of what you thought about this book.

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