Don't go over to YouTube and waste your time searching for DNA related videos. I have already done that so you don't have to. Here are the best ones that i have found and as I find more this page will be updated to reflect the new additions. Enjoy!

Videos About AncestryDNA

Getting Started with AncestryDNA

Revisit AncestryDNA

FAQ's About AncestryDNA Part 1

FAQ's About AncestryDNA Part 2

Making The Cousin Connection

Contacting and Collaborating

What to do With All Your Matches

Videos About Family Tree DNA

Introduction to Family Tree DNA

Intro to Family Finder (atDNA)

FTDNA mtDNA Results Explained

FTDNA Y-DNA Results Explained

Videos About 23andMe

Genetic Genealogy Basics

1,000 New Cousins! Now What?

Videos About GedMATCH

GedMATCH Basics

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