Once you get your DNA results you can use the tools and resources listed on this page to squeeze the most out of your results. AncestryDNA Helper is a must use tool if you tested with AncestryDNA. GEDmatch is also a must, it will help you uncover additional cousins that may have had tested with a different company than the one you used, all you have to do is upload your Raw DNA Data to it. As you may have already be ware in the YouTUBE Videos you will find videos on how to interpret or use your DNA results. We will be adding to this section as we come across other great tools and resources, make sure to visit us regularly.

AncestryDNA Helper

Chrome browser plug in that adds extra functionality to AncestryDNA. Learn More


GedMatch helps you find more cousins that have uploaded their DNA from other companies other than the one you tested with. Learn More


YouTube videos that make learning about DNA Testing fast and easy. Learn More