28 Feb

FamilyTreeDNA Offers Free AncestryDNA and 23andMe Autosomal Transfers

If you have tested your autosomal DNA with AncestryDNA and or 23andMe now you can transfer your Raw data to FamilyTreeDNA for free. Yes you heard right for FREE. Before you could also transfer for free and would only get your top 20 matches.

Need to learn more about Autosomal DNA check out our page on atDNA.

What You Really Get

So what is different now? Now you can still transfer for free but you are no longer limited to only your top 20 matches. You get all your matches without paying a cent. They also give you access to their Matrix tool. This tool will let you compare your DNA with up to ten of your matches. Read More

10 Dec

Deep Ancestry Inside the Genographic Project

For a book that was written in 2007, Deep Ancestry Inside the Genographic Project by Spencer Wells continues to be very relevant. Since I often encounter people that tell me that they have tested with National Geographic on their Genographic Project, I had to buyt this book.

I bought it for two reasons. I wanted to know about the project, it’s purpose, and it’s findings. The other reason being I wanted to have some knowledge on want the project is to have something to talk with with anyone that mentions it. Ok, I think these are more than two reasons but who is counting. Read More

02 Dec

12th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy

This past November the 11 through the 13th I had the opportunity to attend the 12th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy in Houston, Texas. The conference was being hosted by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and it was mainly for group administrators. As you may know I manage the We Are Cousins DNA Project and assumed that the conference could be beneficial to both my knowledge about DNA and the overall success of the project.

Registration was full but I was still added to the waiting list in case someone decided to cancel their spot. Lucky for me someone did and I got to register. Read More

26 Nov

Changes to FTDNA’s myFamilyTree

Change is not always good but this time it is. FamilyTreeDNA  added some great features to their myFamilyTree. myFamilyTree is exactly what the name implies, it is your family tree. It is the place where you can create your family tree or you can do as me, upload your gedcom database.

There are two major changes that you can see off the bat. The first one being that you now have the ability to see your tree in Pedigree View. Read More

19 Nov

How to Separate Your Maternal and Paternal Matches with FTDNA

I had the opportunity of attending the 12th Annual International Conference on Genetic Genealogy 2016 and on one of the presentations I learned something that I had no idea FTDN could do.

It is a very powerful feature that I fell in love with. As you can see these are my results. Next to the All tab you find three more labeled “Paternal”, “Maternal”, and “Both”. Below them you see my father and my mother (I transferred their AncestryDNA). Read More

07 Oct

DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America

After reading the Seven Daughter’s of Eve book by Bryan Sykes I became a huge fan of his. I then read Adam’s Curse: The Science that Reveals our Genetic Destiny and I just finished reading another book of his, DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America. His way of writing is so simple and helps the reader along complicated topics with Read More

01 Oct

FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder Test Has New Low Price

It’s already been several weeks since FamilyTreeDNA announced that their FamilyFinder test (autosomal DNA) is now available for the low price of $79.00. I think this is great since it will only allow more people to be able to test.

This might also mean that AncestryDNA might follow in their steps and also lower the test, but who knows.

Anyways, if you have not tested yet this is a great opportunity to test. FamilyTreeDNA is a leader in its industry. You can also be assured that you will get many matches since they have one of the largest DNA databases. Read More

21 May

Adam’s Curse The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Destiny


Bryan Sykes follows up on The Seven Daughters of Eve with an equally challenging and well written book titled Adam’s Curse.

In this book Sykes looks to a possible future without men. The seeds of the book’s topics were sown when Sykes met a pharmaceutical company chairman who shared his surname. He then by using the Y chromosome, which is passed nearly unchanged from father to son, found that he shared a distant ancestor with the other Sykes, including the pharmaceutical chairman. Read More

02 Jan

Genetic Genealogy The Basics and Beyond

This book is a must read for anyone that has tested their DNA, is looking to test their DNA, or just wants to learn more about DNA research for genealogy. This book was one of the first books that I ever read about the subject.

It helped me understand common terminology used in the DNA world and also better understand the different tests and companies that are out there. Read More

28 Dec

Overview of 23andMe DNA Results

In this post I will be talking about my 23andMe DNA results. Later on I plan to make several blog posts going more in dept with functions and features of 23andMe and how they may be useful for your genealogy research. Back in September I shared with you a blog post titled “23andMe DNA Kit Received, Done, and Returned” in it I detailed the contents of the kit. If you are planing to test with them make sure to check it out. Read More