The Seven Daughters of Eve A Book About mtDNA

I just finished reading The Seven Daughters of Eve The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry by Bryan Sykes a pioneer when it comes to the maternal DNA, mtDNA, found in all of us.

I was told of this book at the 36th Annual Texas State Hispanic and Historical Conference in Laredo this past October, I ordered the book that same day.

As you are already well aware of DNA has become a very interesting topic for me. I already tested with all major companies and have received their results. In the coming weeks, I will share them with you.

The main focus of this book is to relate how mtDNA got started and the obstacles it had to hurdle over to become the respected tool that it is today. Sykes starts off his book by relating how he got involved in mtDNA.

Then he goes off to mention very interesting cases that he worked on that DNA helped solve and in some instances to rewrite history itself. If you have tested your mtDNA and or are thinking of testing it I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book. It is very interesting and hard to put down, it explains a very complex topic with ease and simplicity.

Something I really like is that the author takes the time to explain things in a way that everyone can understand. I am now reading another book that does not take the time and I feel that this book The seven Daughter of Eve laid the foundation for me to be able to understand better the terminology and concepts of mtDNA.

Cover of Book: The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry

The Seven Daughters of Eve The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry

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Description of the book by Amazon:

In 1994 Bryan Sykes was called in as an expert to examine the frozen remains of a man trapped in glacial ice in northern Italy for over 5000 years―the Ice Man. Sykes succeeded in extracting DNA from the Ice Man, but even more important, writes Science News?, was his “ability to directly link that DNA to Europeans living today.” In this groundbreaking book, Sykes reveals how the identification of a particular strand of DNA that passes unbroken through the maternal line allows scientists to trace our genetic makeup all the way back to prehistoric times―to seven primeval women, the “seven daughters of Eve.” illustrated and includes a map

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

  1. Iceman’s Relative Found in Dorset
  2. So What is DNA and What Does It Do?
  3. From Blood Groups to Genes
  4. The Special Messenger
  5. The Tsar and I
  6. The Puzzle of the Pacific
  7. The Greatest Voyagers
  8. The First Europeans
  9. The Last of the Neanderthals
  10. Hunters and Farmers
  11. We Are Not Amused
  12. Cheddar Man Speaks
  13. Adam Joins the Party
  14. The Seven Daughters
  15. Ursula
  16. Xenia
  17. Helena
  18. Velda
  19. Tara
  20. Katrine
  21. Jasmine
  22. The World
  23. A Sense of Self

About the Author:

Bryan Sykes is a professor of human genetics at Oxford University. His company, Oxford Ancestors, traces human genetic backgrounds. Sykes’s books include the New York Times best-selling The Seven Daughters of Eve.

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I hope that you find this book useful and informative as I have. Please let me know in the comment area of what you thought about this book.

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