AncestryDNA Showing How Much You Are Related to Someone Else

A few weeks ago social media starting buzzing about AncestryDNA’s new feature where they now provide the amount of shared DNA between you and your matches. Of course I also shared the great news on all my Facebook groups. In case you missed it, this article will provide you with a quick overview of where you can locate this new information on the AncestryDNA website.

After you log in to yoru Ancestry account all you have to do is click on the DNA link on the menu bar and select “Your DNA Results Summary”.


Then scroll down and click “View All DNA Matches”.

view all matches

Once you are provided with all your matches chose any of them. Once you are on the page for your match look for the “i” next to the Confidence indicator.


Just click on the “i” and the following will pop up.


As you can see the above image indicates the amount of centimorgans (cM) that you share with your match. In the above case I match 273 cM in 22 DNA segments.

You may be wondering what Centimorgans are. Centimorgans (cM) is a unit of measuring for DNA. It measures the distance along a chromosome that two people match on, thus providing a good estimate of how closely you may be related to your match. The bigger the cM the closer you are related and vise versa the smaller the cM the further you may be related to each other. You can read much more about Centimorgans on this page

There you have it, now you know where to look for how much shared DNA you have with someone. Make sure to join our mailing list to be notified when ever a new blog post is published.

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