FamilyTreeDNA Projects

In this post, you can learn about FamilyTreeDNA Projects, their purpose, and of how you can use them to network with others.

Have you joined a project yourself?

If no Let me tell you about them.

This is the description from FamilyTreeDNA:

Group projects are an opportunity to work with others to explore your genetic heritage. Group projects usually focus on a common geographic origin, surname, or ethnic heritage. Group projects may also focus on some other aspect of a paternal or maternal lineage.

Family Tree DNA encourages customers’ participation in lineage and geographical projects. By transferring routine data management tasks to project administrators, we are able to offer a discounted testing rate to those who order through a project. Membership is FREE and voluntary. You may join or leave a project at any time.

FamilyTreeDNA Projects

Groups are the way to network with others and what makes it so great is that you can see everyone’s DNA results at a glance and compare them with yours.

Once you find a match you can email each other to see if both of you have a common ancestor.

To see all the projects you will need to log in to FamilyTreeDNA and then click on the Projects tab on the Menu located on your left-hand side. Then click join project.

Matching Projects

If you are in luck once the page loads you will be provided with a list of projects, based on your DNA results, that may be of interest to you. You can join any of those, but if they are of no interest then you can search for one that suits you better.

My Projects

Here are the projects that I am a member of and one that I am actually managing.

Mexico DNA Project

The first group that I joined was the Mexico DNA Project whose main purpose is “The Genealogy of Mexico DNA Project was started on 9/7/03 and is for those who’s Y-dna (father’s father’s father’s…) or Mitochondrial DNA (mother’s mother’s mother’s …) line extends to Mexico or New Spain.” Visit Project Website:

The Garza Project

The Second Group that I joined was the Garza Project and the main purpose of this project is “The Garza Family Project seeks to find common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing.” Visit Project Website:

The We Are Cousins DNA Project

Finally the fourth is a new project that I started is called the We Are Cousins DNA Project and its main purpose is “The We Are Cousins DNA Project is for anyone interested in Y-DNA and mtDNA research whose paternal and maternal roots are from the States of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and South Texas. The purpose is to identify the DNA for every last name found in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico and identify different DNA lineages for any given last name”. Visit Project Website:

As you can see I found three groups that are perfect for me and even started my own group. Now I know that these may not be groups for you but I wanted to show what you can find.

I hope that if you have tested with FamilyTreeDNA you join groups. Let me know what you think about FTDNA project groups in the comment section.

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