How to Download Your AncestryDNA Raw Data

In this post I show you How to Download Your AncestryDNA Raw Data, it is easy and simple. The main reason to download your data is so that you can upload it to free websites that can let you get more out of your DNA test.

How to Download Your AncestryDNA Raw Data

Here are the steps to download it to your computer.

First thing first, go to and click on the tab DNA tab and click on “Your DNA Homepage” then click on settings.

AncestryDNA Raw Data Settings

Once there scroll down a bit and look for a box to your right-hand side labeled Actions there you will find the option to download your Raw Data.

AncestryDNA Download Raw Data

Click on “Get Started” and you will get the next screen.

AncestryDNA Raw Data Password

Enter your password and confirm. After that, you get the following notification.

Check Your Email

As the pop-up states go to your email and wait for the following email.

AncestryDNA Email to Download Raw Data

After pressing the confirm button you will be taken to ancestry again and shown the following page.

AncestryDNA Download Your Raw Data

This is it just click on the “Download DNA Raw Data” and you will get a zip file with your data. mine was five megabytes big.

Now What?

Upload Your Raw Data to GEDmatch

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