Transfer Your AncestryRAW Data to Family Tree DNA

Two weeks ago I meetup with Mario Davila at his home and he was telling me how awesome FamilyTreeDNA was. He showed me the website and it’s features and also explained how to use them. He highly recommended that I also take the Family Finder DNA test at Family Tree Maker which runs about $99.00. I told him that I was going to consider it. When I got home that day I and was browsing their website I remembered an old conversation on the We Are Cousins group about transferring your Ancestry Raw data over to FamilyTreeDNA.

FamilyTreeDNA Raw Data Transfer

Tranfer Your AncestryDNA Data to FamilyTreeDNA

I looked for the option and to my surprise they had down on their price from $69.00 to $39.00 to do a transfer. It was a no-brainer, I chose the transfer. The savings of $60.00 will be very well spent, Books! Anyways back to the topic of transferring your DNA. Oh yes, I went in head first and blind. I found the feature and uploaded my raw data. Here it is: Upload Raw Data to FTDNA. By the way if you need to learn how to get your ancestry raw data please follow the instructions on this post: the post may be a bit outdated since a few days ago Ancestry unveiled their new look, fyi I like it.

As I was mentioning, I went at it blind but the great thing for you is that you don’t have to. Right after I uploaded it I got a few matches and it also stated that it would take a few hours to get my complimentary 20 matches and if I wanted to enjoy all their features that I needed to pay up. I did, I paid the $39.99 and everything went down hill. I could no longer even see my complimentary matches. After a day I had more matches. then on the second day I got an email stating that my transfer had been completed and I had full access to their Family Finder. That first day I had no idea what was going to happen or how long it would take. I looked for solace at the We Are Community and was told to give it a few days and I did.

The bottom line I should have had done my research first and figured out the wait times to avoid needless worrying. Originally in this post I was going to give you a step by step guide on how to do it but I found a better one at FamilyTreeDNA. Here is the link:

If you are serious about transferring your Raw Data please first read the full article on the link that I just shared.  Then go here to get started: Upload Raw Data to FTDNA

Sorry about me not making a post last week, I was trying to finish a project off. I am still playing with FamilyTreeDNA and learning the ropes. In the next weeks I will provide you with an overview of their website. Next week I will post as promised the comparison of my DNA with my moms DNA. Till then have a great week, enjoy life, and hug your family.


  1. Moises, Have you considered adding your Ancestry DNA results and Your Family Tree DNA results to The best part of using their site is that it is FREE. Once your files are downloaded and processed by GEDmatch there are many options for comparison.
    Eileen Miller

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