Testing My Parent’s DNA

Lauro Garza and Sanjuana Tanguma, wedding picture.

AncestryDNA just had a their DNA kits 20% off. That was the little nudge that I needed to finally buy two DNA kits, one for each of my parents. I visited them last week and had a great time at their house, I did fail to mention the DNA testing since I forgot. Crossing my fingers that they don’t freak out. As always my two little ones had a blast at “guelos” and “guelas”.

A Gift to My Parents

While I was there I gave them a copy of my latest book “Ancestors of Moises Garza From Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Coahuila From The 1500’s to the 2000’s“. They were very proud of this accomplishment, specially my mom whom has randomly displayed an interest in our family history. I have always gotten the feeling that she never cared much for it but her reaction was different with the book. She said she was going to go over it page by page. I showed her how the numbering system works so she may be able to follow the family lines without any problems or confusion. It got me thinking also, maybe she still does not care for genealogy and her interest is merely the fact that I her son made the book. Regardless it felt good to see her interest on it.

Why do DNA Testing on My Parents?

Back to the DNA testing, why would I care to test my parents? The answer is very simple. I want to be able to know where my cousin matches are coming from, either my mothers side or my fathers. Also I believe that I will gain more insight into the ethnicity background of my parents and thus my own background. Yes I know that I already have my ethnicity results but lets not forget that I did not inherit every piece of DNA that both my parents inherited from their ancestors. DNA inheritance is random and your own/my own ethnic background is different than that of my brothers due to this randomness. That is the reason that we all are unique, we all look different.

African Ancestry

I also what to verify if I have African DNA through both of my parents and or just my mother. I have not found any records on my dads side but on my mom’s I have. The majority of the people that I have meet boast of their Spanish and Native Ancestry. For what ever reason many try to cast aside their African DNA percentages. Not me, even though it is a small percentage I am very interested. I bet you would also be very interested if you were to find a record that said “Joseph Tanguma… sirviente leal (loyal servant)”  that same document states that he was a Morisco. As the following image portrays a Morisco is the offspring of an Espanola and a Mulato.

Source: Wikipidia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casta

I am often amazed that everyone wants to claim that they have Jewish roots, wile they ignore their African ancestry. Mind you, all the Jewish DNA percentages are also very low in almost all the results that I have seen. Well, I won’t get more into this issue since it is a great topic to a future post. If interested in reading more about our AfroMexican ancestry please check out a post that I published on my Mexican Genealogy Blog: Our AfroMexican Ancestry.

The Company That I am Using

I decided to use AncestryDNA once more. First of all they had a deal which is  a plus on the decision making. I also figured that I can always transfer my results to FamilyTree maker to enjoy the benefits of both companies. Thus, also saving another $40.00 per test by transferring my DNA results from ancestry instead of retesting with FamilyTreeDNA. If interested in seeing my own results you can do so here: Great news! My AncestryDNA results are in!

Now it is just the wait, hope time flies as it has been doing. Hopefully the test kits get here soon and I get to go this week end to get the samples from my parents. Also crossing my fingers that they let me test them. If you have tested your parents and found surprises or anything interesting please let me know in the comments section of this post. Talk to you soon.

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  1. How can I get a photo you posted of Lauro Garza and Sanjuana Tanguma, wedding picture. San Juana Tanguma looks just like me when I was a youngin:) Almost a replica! I will find one of me back then. I tested high with Sanjuana tanguma . AliciaCantuGarzaO’Neal

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