05 May

Presentation at the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society

I had a great time presenting at the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society out of Zapata, Texas. I had a very warm welcome and meet a lot of new people. Best of all I meet Eliza, Bibi, Amparo, and Dina in person for the first time. For those of you that don’t know I first meet them through my blog We Are Cousins and later at the We Are Cousins Facebook Group. I just wished I would have had taken a picture with them. I know i did take one with Diana but I have no idea who owned the camera.

Thanks for the picture Clarissa (wife) Garza

My presentation was titled “30 Websites for Your South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy”. I presented to the Society 30 websites that I have used over and over again to find my Mexican ancestors and piece together my family history. By the feedback of the participants it seemed that they really enjoyed it and found it to be very informative. For those of you that missed it I have compiled the slide show and made it into an eBook that you can obtain for free just by joining this blog’s mailing list. You can join here.

Bellow is a picture of me receiving a Certificate of Recognition from Dr. Flores the current president of the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society.

Thanks Eliza for the photo!

To every member of the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society, Thank you for having me over and specially Amparo for inviting me. Hope it won’t be the last time.

2 thoughts on “Presentation at the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society

    • Hi Joleen, It does feel good and I love sharing. My hopes are that the more i share the more I will encourage people to find their ancestors and thus hopefully one day they get to publish their family histories. Making more research available to everyone. Hope you continue to enjoy my blogs. God Bless.

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