MyHeritage DNA Test Review

If you have been following our this blog then you are aware that last week I uploaded my raw DNA data from AncestryDNA to MyHeritage.

Once I finished uploading it I got a pop up message stating that I would be notified by email once the process was complete. You can read last weeks post here “How to Upload Your DNA to MyHeritage“.

The Email Never Came

Well it turns out that I they did not send my any emails out. So if you upload with them or test keep on coming back to the website.

The good news is that I did get an email five days latter letting me know that I had a match on MyHeritage.

I also already started getting messages on facebook of distant cousins that I match on MyHeritage.

When you log in to MyHeritage just click “DNA” in the menu bar to be taken to the DNA section of the website.

When I clicked there the first thing that I saw was an overview of my ethnicity. Below is a cut out of them.

MyHeritage DNA Results for Moises Garza

Below it you get the names of your top three matches and the total number of matches that you have with their company. In total I have only 721 matches, but lets give them credit since they have only been testing DNA for a little over a year now.

Something that surprised me is that they have towards the bottom of the page a link to FTDN and it takes you straight to FTDNA’s autosomal transfer page.

My MyHeritageDNA Ethnicity Estimates

After viewing the overview page I then clicked on the “Vie Full Estimate” button next to the summary of my DNA results and got the following results.

MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Results for Moises Garza

You do get the option to expand these results to all supported ethnicities and the list expand to over 40 items. I did not do a cut out since it was too long.

The following map is the map that they provided along with my ethnicity estimates.

MyHeritage DNA Test Review

If you click on any particular ethnicity in your results the map zooms in to that location and on the bottom you are given your percentage along with a short historical overview of the region. Below is an example form my Iberian results.

MyHeritage Iberian Results for Moises Garza

My MyHeritageDNA DNA Matches

After I explored my ethnicity results I then went over to see the list of 721 DNA matches.

This is the image of my top match on MyHeritageDNA.

As you can see it is a predicted 1st to second cousin once removed. If you press “Contact” or “View Tree” you get a message letting you know that you need to become a member in order to use those features.

To become a member their prices start from $9.17 all the way up to $20.00 per month depending on what you choose.

If you click the orange button “Review Match” you get more details about the match and also you get your top shared DNA Match. If you try to see the rest of the shared DNA matches between you two you get the become a member page again asking you to become a member.

Towards the bottom of that page you also get shared ethnicity between you and your match. I can see this feature becoming very popular with adoptees.

There you have it, I uploaded for free and what I get is very limited. In short I would not upload with them unless you are adopted and are trying to find more family. So far I would stick with FTDNA if you are looking to transfer your raw DNA data.

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  1. I was suspect from the start when I saw my results after transferring my Ancestry DNA. On two ethnicities, Italian and Native American, the results were 10% higher than on Ancestry, 23andme, FTdna and LivingDNA.

    As an adoptee I am most interested in matches. Assuming their calculations are correct, my closest Italian match exists on their site. I was able to send two emails but recently noted the emails no longer existed. I had also emailed to a more distant but shared cousin with the close one. There had been two exchanges between us. My gut told me to screen-shot those emails and good thing because they too no longer can be retrieved.

    In both cases a window pops up saying I can make contact, see trees, etc. if I join. Moises Garza, you mention being offered monthly options. Not me. Something like $179 per year will get me access. Meanwhile they have my tree and other information.

    I am not happy.

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