My Wife is One of My DNA Matches

We all know that every one from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico are somehow related. The fun is finding out how. I was not surprised when I got my wife’s results and we were a match as being cousins, since as per my own research my wife and I are 8th cousins among other relations as shown below.

Our Common Ancestors

We both are descendants of Cristobal Guerra Canamar and Nicolasa de Trevino. I descend from their son Joseph Ramon Guerra and she from their daughter Maria Rita Guerra.

Depending on the line, we are also half 8th and half 7th cousins through our common ancestor Maria Guadalupe Felipa de Cervera (Selbera). I descend from the first marriage of Felipa to Francisco Javier de la Garza. She on the other hand descends from Felipa’s second marriage to Jose Vela. We are related 27 different ways from Maria Guadalupe de Cervera (Selbera).

Another connection that we have is that we are also 7th Cousins 1x removed through our common ancestors Bartolome Trevino and Ana Maria Garcia. I descend from their daughter Maria Teresa Trevino and my wife form their son Jose Bartolome Trevino. We are related two different was from this couple.

The final connection that we have is that of 7th cousins 1x removed though our common ancestors Jose Francisco Guerra and Maria Ana Josefa de la Garza.

In total we have 31 ways that we are related to the above Ancestors. 24 of those are to my dad and 7 to my mom.

Why List Them?

You may be asking your self. Why is he listing the common ancestors between him and his wife? Simply to provide you with an idea as to why you may not really be 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th cousins of the matches that you are provided by Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA.

Our Gedmatch Results

As you can see we match on chromosomes 1, 2, 5, 9, and 10. We have a total of 100.7 cM and it show that we are related 3.6 generations. But as you just saw we are related further back. Now I don’t have a complete family tree for my wife so we may even have more relationships in common. Basically what I am assuming is that we inherited more DNA from the offspring of Maria Guadalupe de Cervera (Selbera) compared to all of our other matches and thus our relationship show closer at 3.6 generations when in reality it is way further back at the 8th and 9th generations.

If your family is from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico and you think that you are not related to your wife or husband think again. If you married someone that is not from this area then you will encounter a similar case with your parents.  I am sure that if you have done significant research then you already have discovered all the intermarriage that happened in your family just like in mine.

So there you have it. This is a classic example of the false positive relationship estimates that we get in Autosomal research for our area. In order for us to find how we are related to each other we have to work on at least a 10 generation family chart instead of the six generation family tree recommended by some genealogists. Be on the look out for my next post since I will be talking about X-DNA Research.


  1. Moises, thanks for your posts.
    I have some of the same ancestors that you have.
    my genealogy is available in under
    Elida Vela
    I did my DNA many years ago.
    I did my dna three times, once with BYU and twice with
    My test says I am 60 0/0 European, 20/0 Native plus Ukrain and other.
    I always thought of myself as Mexican.
    i was surprised. I am still Mexican, I just thought I was more Native than European.
    Thanks, Elida Vela Vom Baur

    thanks Elida
    I am in SLC Utah I have worked on my genealogy for 58 years, I am 81.
    I will share any of my information.

    Elida Vela Vom Baur

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