My FamilyTreeDNA Ethnicity Results

This post is long overdue since I have had my ethnic results from FamilyTreeDNA since August of this year. That same month I made blog post on how to transfer your raw data from AncestryDNA to FamilyTreeDNA.

The advantages of doing this is that it is free but you only get to see your top 20 matches at FamilyTreeDNA. If want the full results then you only pay $39.00. Even at that, it is better than paying $99.00 for their FamilyFinder test. You can read more about this here “Transfer Your AncestryRAW Data to Family Tree DNA“.

Here are my Ethnic Results From FamilyTreeDNA

FTDNA gives you the following tool called MyOrigins which lets you view at a glance the world view of your results and bellow in the left bottom corner it gives you your matches and lets you see the world view of their results.


Now, here is the cut out of my results for better viewing.

FTDNA Ethnicity for Moises Garza

Since I used the same raw data from AncestryDNA, I thought that the ethnic results would be the same but I was wrong. Just to recap these are my results from AncestryDNA; Africa 2%, America 25%, Europe 68%, and West Asia 5%. Check this post for a detailed view: “Great news! My AncestryDNA results are in!

Even-though I am very well aware of both company’s notice that their results are based on their own data populations and that results may change when that said data is update. I knew that they would be different but I liked the results from ancestry better.

I like it better because you get a better breakdown of your ethnicity make up.

Well there you have it, these are my results.


  1. Hello Moises,
    Over 300 of my familyfinder matches have Y-DNA results and over 350 have mtDNA results. I am thinking of emailing them after the holiday season and asking that they join the We Are Cousins DNA project.

  2. Moises,
    Will you send me the link to join the We Are Cousins DNA project? I have joined the Mexican Genealogy and the Villas Del Norte Projecr, but I can’t locate the We are Cousins.

  3. It’s interesting to me that you prefer Ancestry’s ethnic breakdown. I found that familytreedna matched my documented family records most perfectly, while ancestry’s ethnic breakdown was so wildly different I couldn’t make sense of it. Interestingly, Ancestry’s ethnic breakdown actually lined up fairly closely with my records as well, until they changed their formula a few years back.

    I’ll point out here that both companies used the same data. I used familytreedna’ transfer service to have them evaluate the exported raw DNA data from my ancestry test. So this is isn’t the case of one test getting botched somewhere.

    For me at least, FamilyTreeDNA seems to be the more accurate breakdown (though yes, ancestry did break it down more minutely, doesn’t match up still doesn’t match up). Ancestry still has the superior matching service, however. A matching service is only as good as the number of people that use it, and Ancestry wins hands down there. In many ways I wish they’d handle yDNA and mtDNA matching still so people could explore all three avenues.

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