My Dad’s DNA Results I Was Very Surprised

Months ago I had my dad, Lauro Garza Marroquin” do an AncestryDNA kit. I purchased it last time that ancestry had a special and I bought one for him and one for my mom (you can read more about it here: Testing My Parent’s DNA)”.  I got the results a few weeks ago but I have not shared them with anyone other than my mediate family. Today I want to share them with everyone and thus the reason for this post.

As I was doing the DNA test on him he asked me “Pa que quieres esto?” what do you want this for he asked. I told him so that you can know who you are. He responded “Yo se quien soy, yo soy Lauro Garza Marroquin” I know who I am I am Lauro Garza Marroquin. I promptly realized that I had said the wrong thing, I told him that it was so that he could know the ethnic background of his ancestors and get an idea of where they may have had come from.

Off the bat I saw the following results:

On my own results Italy/Greece was 17% but I was surprised that my dad had 41%. This is the only comparison I will make between him and I since I plan on writing another psot where I will compare his results with mine and my moms.

Here are the full ethnicity Results:

I was surprised that my dad has 3% Africa since I don’t recall finding any documents to indicate that he may have had African ancestry but it is there. I honestly thought that my African ancestry would only bee through my moms side where I have found documents. His Native American is 17% and I was surprised that it was that low.  I just wish I had more information on these ancestors but I have had found documents about my ancestors that hint/say they had Indian blood.

Another result that I was surprised with and was not expecting was that he has 14% Great Britan and the 4% Scandanavian but I have yet to find any ancestors from there. Let me know your opinions in the comments section of this post.


  1. My mother, who is from Mexico, also had a significant percentage of Italy/Greece ethnicity. I believe the spread of the Roman empire throughout Europe might explain this result. Spain’s proximity to Northern Africa and the significant Moorish influence there could explain the Northern African ancestry.

    1. I also believe that it is one of the reasons but I have also found some ancestors through my fathers line going straight to Italy. I did not expect such high results since the ones that I found are no that many.

  2. If you find the ancestor with the Scandinavian and Great British please let me know primo. My mother has those same ethnic estimates and is your dad’s predicted 3rd cousin. I imagine this ancestor is one they both share and would open a door in my current brick wall. Keep up the great work Moises.

  3. My husband’s dna came back with 28% Italy/Greece. We have not found an Italian connection but I know that his grandfather lived with an Italian family in Brownsville when he was young. He is a DNA match to you – where is your Italian connection? a522748

    1. I’ve found several through his Marroquin side. The only one that I can remmebr off the top of my head is Juan Bautista Chapa and another ancestor that used to be an administrator for the pope, but can’t remember his name. I will try and see if my program can find the rest..

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