My AncestryDNA Results Compared With My Mom’s DNA Results

As promised, here is the comparison of my DNA ethnicity results to those of my mom San Juana Tanguma. Her top three regions are Native American, Iberian Peninsula, and Italy/Greece. Unlike my father she has about half the matches that he does. This could well be that some of her ancestors are from Zacatecas and Jalisco. I am assuming that not that many people from that area has tested. She also has two extra regions that I do not have and if you remember my dad had two less than me. In comparison she has four more regions than my dad and I inherited two of those.

This is the previous post where I compare my results with those of my dad My AncestryDNA Results Compared With My Dad’s DNA Results.

I have twice the Ancestor hints than her and also over two hundred 4th cousins or closer.


Moises Garza

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San Juana Tanguma


Gedmatch Results

The above results are amazing. Both her and my dad are my highest matches and the cM for them provides me a better picture of how strong everyone else results are to mine. I was surprised that these numbers are almost exactly as the numbers that I got for my dad.

Hope you found these results interesting. In my next post I will analyse the most recent Ancestors that I have in common with my wife and try and see how these multiple relationships affect how strong matches are. The title of the post will be “My Wife is One of My DNA Matches“.

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