My AncestryDNA Results Compared With My Dad’s DNA Results

DNA is a new field to me and I still have a ton of material to read and many things to learn along the way. I have started to encourage everyone that can afford it to take a DNA test specially if you have road blocks or can not find any information regarding your family. The cousin matches might just be what you need. The only thing is to be aware that if the majority of your ancestors are form Nuevo Leon, Tamulipas, Coahuila and South Texas our cousin estimates are wrong. When you have several or like in my case many family lines intermarrying each other then your DNA is intensified.

As I mentioned in a discussion that I had yesterday on Las Villas del Norte Genealogy group’s Facebook page. “Yup, from experience 2nd and third cousins are actually from 5th to 8th. 8th are usually from 13 to 15 generations. Could also be an explanation to the high number of matches that we have.” In an upcoming post I will compare my results with those of my wife and will demonstrate how this is the case in our particular situation. For now let’s compare and or try to analyze my DNA results with those of my dad. You can view my previous post “My Dad’s DNA Results I Was Very Surprised” to only see his results.

Ethnicity Estimate and DNA Matches For Both of Us

As you can see I have three main regions plus nine more. My dad has also his three main regions and then 7 more. He has more shared ancestors hints than me and almost twice the 4th cousins. I have greater numbers on my Native American and Iberian Peninsula, we can safely assume that I inherited the extra percentages from my mother whom results I will analyse next week for you. You can see her results in a previous post of mine”DNA Results for My Mom San Juana Garza Tanguma Lopez“. Now lets’ get more detailed.


Moises Garza


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Lauro Garza


As you can see there are some differences and they are very interesting at least to me. So I am more European Jew than my dad. My West Asia results are also very different than his and as i mentioned before he has British and I have none. I’ll let you do your own comparison with the above images.

Gedmatch Results

I finally got around to last week to uploading the Raw Data from ancestry to Gedmatch on both of may parents. I posted on Las Villas del Norte Website the kit numbers to the kits that I manage so that members could play comparing my DNA with theirs. If you still don’t know how to get your raw data i explain how here “How to Download Your AncestryDNA Raw Data“.

As you can see there is no doubt that my dad is my dad.  We have 3587.1 cM and my other greatest match besides my mother is an individual Named Victor Garcia and him and I share only 305.1 cM with a possible relationship of 2.8 generations away. I have a very complete tree for the past 3 generations and Victor Garcia is not there. This only means that we are further back related and it could possibly be due to the lines intermarrying and the DNA is intensified.

I hope that you found this post to be informative since I have no idea if it is useful to anyone else other than me. If you have not done your DNA test I highly recommend that you have it done. You can buy an ancestry DNA kit sold by Ancestry through Amazon. When you do you help support this website with no extra cost to you.

If you have any comments or opinions let me know in the comment area of this post. Talk to you in my next post where I will be comparing my mothers DNA results with mine.


  1. Hi Moises, most of us in Los Californianos etc already have our Mexican family charts. We’re trying to find our connections to Spain. Will the autosomal DNA do that? How much does autosomal cost, and which one do you recommend?

    1. HI Lynn, AncestryDNA’s test will help you find cousin matches. The only way that I can think about helping you find a connection to Spain is if one of those distant cousins has already done the research that you are looking for. Other than that I don’t think it does. I recommend AncestryDNA since users there have more trees than the ones on FamilyTreeMaker. Of course this is the Autosomal and not the Y-DNA or the mtDNA. You can get an AncestryDNA kit form Amazon and get free shipping if you are a prime member. Here is the link in case you need it:

  2. In view of your statement that “there is doubt that my dad is my dad”, do the test results give you sufficient cause to question the accuracy of the tests or the interpretation of the results?
    I am not knowledgeable enough on DNA testing and I am not questioning the science. I am wondering about the accuracy of the testing method and the interpretation of the test results by the lab analysts. As I understand it each company maintains their own database of DNA tests so it seems to me results could vary according to which company did the testing. Accuracy could be influenced by how large or small their database is as well as by the expertise of the analysts.

    1. Raul, I made that statement jokingly, my dad is my highest match as well as my mom. As you can see me and him have 3587.1 cM compared to my next highest match of 305.1 cM. To have a relation one can have as low as 7 cM. I recently transferred my data to FamilyTreeDNA and yes their ethnic percentages are different. The data is the same since form what I have read they use same chips to analyze the DNA, of course their interpretation is different as per the ethnic samples that they have gathered. If we remove ethnicity percentages and just compare the pure data to each other, that is were we find the matches of possible cousins. I will share those comparisons and my opinion on a future post. Hopefully I made sense.

      1. Looks like I fell for your joke, and showed my ignorance about autosomal testing. The cM numbers didn’t mean anything to me so I took your statement seriously. And I was having trouble understanding how your ethnicity results showed higher European Jewish and Scandinavian ethnicity than either of your parents.

  3. I do see that Gedmatch places Victor Garcia as a 2.5 Gen to your dad. Here is a list of his ancestors from his family tree posted on Do any of them match yours?
    1.Nicolas Marroquin is a son of Nicolas Marroquín
    2.José Ascencio Marroquín is a son of Nicolas Marroquin
    3.Juan Jose Marroquin Perez De Moya is a son of José Ascencio Marroquín
    4.Manuel Marroquin is a son of Juan Jose Marroquin Perez De Moya
    5.Jose Angel Marroquin Rodriguez is a son of Manuel Marroquin
    6.Jesus Maria Marroquin is a son of Jose Angel Marroquin Rodriguez
    7.Manuel Maria Marroquin is a son of Jesus Maria Marroquin
    8.Celia Marroquin Garcia is a daughter of Manuel Maria Marroquin
    9.Victor Manuel Garcia is a son of Celia Marroquin Garcia

    1. Me and Victor Garcia as per your information are 3rd cousins our most recent common ancestor in the above list is Jose Angel Marroquin. I had his mother in my tree, but did not have him. My dad had provided her name when he told me the names of all his second cousins.

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