How many 4th great grandparents have you found?

I recently realized that I needed to focus more on researching more recent ancestors. I was listening to a podcast that mentioned that the problem with AncestryDNA matching is that many people have taken it and their trees are very incomplete. Thus making it impossible to do a match even if you are coming out as second cousins.

She went on to say that she still had to meet anyone that had all their 64 great grandparents on their sixth generation. I honestly though I had all of them so I checked and was surprised.

Here is the deal, my surprise was that I was missing 10, my goal is to go back generation by generation and try to fill in the missing ancestors that I have. I thought what if I focus the way I should be focusing on finding my ancestors like I do for clients. I might just find those missing ancestors.

My first goal was to identify my missing ancestors and an easy way to do that was to print a fan chart. I used the fan chart option available from my Family Tree Software. I went back five generations (3rd great grandparents) and I had all of my 32 ancestors. This quickly changed with my 6th generation. I am missing 10 out of my 64 ancestors. Not bad, but here is where my quest begins.

My 6 Generation Chart:

six generation fan chart

In the next couple of months I will re-evaluate the information that I have and search for new information. I will try and get a complete family family structure in the hopes of uncovering new clues and hopefully finding my 10 missing ancestors.

I will first start with my 3rd great grandparents Guadalupe Ramirez and Antonia Martinez. my goal is to find out whom their parents where.

This is what I know about Guadalupe Ramirez and Antonia Martinez:

  • They lived in the Mier and Los Aldamas area.
  • Parents to my 2nd great grandmother Leandra Ramirez

Hopefully I will be able to find them but only God knows since in some instances It has taken years to locate a particular ancestor. Once I exhaust all my efforts with this couple I will move on to trying to locate the parents of Fernando Zamora and Marta Garza also my 3rd great grandparents. This is what I know about Fernando Zamora and Marta Garza:

  • Lived and died in Cadereyta Jimenez – Know this form a document that mentions it as such.
  • Parents to my 2nd great grandfather Gabino Zamora

After them I will try and find the parents of my 3rd great grandfather Tiburcio Mendoza. This is what I know about Tiburcio Mendoza:

  • Was from Ojuelos Zacatecas and or Ojuelos Jalisco.
  • Married to my 3rd great grandmother Lorenza Mireles

I think this last one will be harder form me since I have no experience with researching Zacatecas nor Jalisco. My Question to You?

My question to you is. How many of your 4th great grandparents are you missing? Are you focusing on filling the gaps on every generation or are you being distracted by more distant ancestors?

As for me, as I mentioned before I will focus into trying to fill in the gaps on every generation and as I do I will be documenting my efforts and by all means if I miss something and or you have any suggestions please let me know.

If you decide to do the same thing that I am going to do let me know.

6 thoughts on “How many 4th great grandparents have you found?

  1. Baldemar Hernandez-Garza

    i am missing 8 of my 4rth great-grandparents. one is not listed on my 3rd g-grandfathers babtismal. i also have a curiouse situation with one of my 2nd g-grandfathers parents (four different sets are mentioned in his childrens (great grandparent’s) babtismal records).. so i am having hard time continuing as i cannot find any of those sets. well i’ll do the same and continue to search.. balde.

    1. Abigail Guajardo

      Hello Baldemar, I remember you from ancestry, I think you had baptism record for my grandfather Juan bautista Garza Gutierrez. I am Abigail Guajardo Garza.

    2. Abigail Guajardo

      Hello Baldemar, I remember you from ancestry, I think you had baptism record for my grandfather Juan bautista Garza Gutierrez. I am Abigail Guajardo Garza.

  2. Roxana Blanton

    Hi Moises,

    Am, enjoying the We Are Cousins articles and specially the one by Crispin Rendon regarding the
    mtDNA where I accidently found my 4th generation grandparents on the Salinas side. What a
    surprise to find them. I know nothing about them. But I have a list of great grandparents of my
    Salinas that starts in 1585.

    My main concern now is the geat grandfather, Florentino Heredia born circa 1850. He immigrated
    from I know not where, in 1870, and lived in Brownsville, Texas, Cameron County, I have 2 other
    family members trying to locate him to no avail. His father’s name was Theo Heredia.

    Is there any help out there? Would be delighted to find out. Thanks, Roxan

  3. Eva Sosa Wathen

    I am new to genealogy and have just started working on a family tree. My problem is We do not know any of our great grandparents names and only know grandparents names but none of their brothers or sisters if they even had any. Another problem i am having is that my paternal grandfather was never actually married to my grandmother and all we have is his possible name and that he lived somewhere in the Mexico, Matamoros, Reynosa area. My father only met him once quite by accident i am told but being the man he was, he was not interested in knowing anything much about his father or possible siblings. What i need to know is how to go about doing research for people that were born in Mexico and migrated like my father to the US. Most of my fathers half siblings from the mothers side were living in Matamoros and eventually migrated to the US. I know most of their names and some of the cousins but have not dates that i can use to search by. Can someone give me some ideas as to where i can begin searching…

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