Genealogy DNA Testing, Decisions, Decisions!!!

Since the first day that I heard about DNA testing for genealogy I was interested but never made the effort to get tested. That is until now. Yesterday morning I was going through the We Are Cousins Facebook Group and reading some great comments from it’s awesome members when I decided that it was time. Yes time for me to take a leap and do my DNA.

My Choices:

I only had two choices or FamilyTreeDNA. Why these two companies?  These two since they are the ones that most of my readers and group members have used and have experience with. It is comforting to know that I have great people available for help with any of my questions, that is if I have any.

Prior to making my final choice I was thinking of getting my DNA done with FamilyTreeDNA since it was very highly recommended by Crispin Rendon and Gary Felix. They also told me about the Mexico DNA project. Why would I chose over FamilyTreeDNA after two people, whom I have the highest respect for and whose opinion I highly value, recommended it?

Why I chose

Simple, as Nancy Martinez stated at the We Are Cousins Facebook page “so that I can take advantage of both databases”.  The main reason that I chose Ancestry was that I am using their Family Tree Maker 2014 software and I currently have a subscription with them. I want to see how DNA matching works or interacts with the software. The second reason was that once I get my results I will be transferring to FamilyTreeDNA.  I understand that there is a fee but that is OK.

Hopefully I get to tell you about both services int he future. Meanwhile I will be documenting my experience and results.

What I am Expecting:

I think my DNA will reveal a mixture of many cultures. For sure I am expecting to have Spanish ancestors, African ancestors, and Native American ancestry. Other than that I have no idea what I will get.

For the Future:

Eventually I want to do my Maternal and Paternal DNA testing. Since on both sides I have brick-walls and I know DNA might help me confirm whom their ancestors might have had been. The only downside is that these tests are a bit pricey but I’ll be on the look out for any promotions or discounts.

Have you done your DNA Testing?

Let me know which company you used and or about your results. Leave me a quick comment, I respond to all comments.


  1. I tested with FAMILYTREEDNA first my MTDNA RESULTS haplogroup K 71% EUROPEAN 15% NEW WORLD

  2. Hola Moises, just to comment on the DNA testing and results that I did recently with For the $99 price I think it’s reasonable and the fact that they will continue to fine tune the results as the database grows and you can download your DNA file to use on other sites that you mention. After mailing in my little test tube of spit, I received my results online already linked to my family tree in close to a month. I also uploaded my DNA zip file to which although could intimidate the technically challenged, has some pretty nifty tools you can use and or learn to compare and analyze your DNA and admixture with others. It’s free at this time. As for my results themselves, no surprises; it reports that I’m approx. 31% Native American, (which covers all of North, Central and South Amerind populations), 27% Iberian peninsula, 15% Italy/Greece, 7% Great Britain and trace amounts of 5% and below which includes Eastern and Western European, European Jewish, Irish, Scandinavian, Nigerian and Mali. I was surprised not to find any Asian DNA traces although one could say Native American is Asian based anyway. It would have been great if they could be more granular for example, to identify which particular tribe(s) your DNA contains or can identify from my Iberian side, how much is Portuguese or Basque if any. I guess this is still in it’s early stages and the science will only get better.

    That’s my experience and please do report on your results as this is becoming a very popular activity more people are doing these days along with tracing your family’s history.


    1. Thanks Frank for your comment and sharing your results. Also thanks for the mention of the website GedMatch it looks interesting and will be trying it out once I get my results. Just like you I also wished that it would be more granular but hopefully they continue to fine tune it int he future. Finally, I sure will report my results once I receive them.

  3. Hi Primo Moises!

    It’s very interesting to know more from where we come from and know more of our ancestors. You are brave to make this important decision, but let me tell you that you just opened the doors to a brighter future. Please let me know how I can provide my DNA.

    1. Hello Primo, thanks for your comment. I have found interesting information on our Tanguma line. Unfortunately on our Zamora line I have only been able to go as far back as our 3rd great grandfather Fernando Zamora in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Eventually I want to get both of my parents tested. If interested you can read more about DNA here If you don’t have your family tree done I can send it to you just let me know.

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