Family Tree DNA Kit Received, Done, and Returned

Thursday evening when I got home from work I found the Family Tree DNA kit on my mailbox. The packaging had no branding on it and almost looked like the packages you receive when you buy small things from ebay. I am doing my full sequence mtDNA and also the 37 marker Y-DNA test. After reading this post you will know exactly what you get on the FTDNA kit. Since I ordered two tests I was expecting two kits but it seems that they use one kit only.

As you can see it was just a white plastic envelope. Once I opened the kit the following two letters were included inside the package.


The Letter to your left is the introductory letter by the founder of FTDNA and the one to the right are the instructions on how to take your test. I read them and then also made sure that my kit number matched the one at Family Tree DNA and it did. Then I took out the rest of the kit which was a clear plastic bag.

The following two images where the contents of the plastic bag.


The left image are the swabs and the preserving liquid vials that the collecting swabs are placed on. The image to your right is the consent release but it is optional. I have had people tell me that they have returned their tests due to this notice. I read it and there is nothing to be worried about. Another thing, it is optional and you don’t have to agree with it.

I was super excited when I got my kit that I almost provided my sample without reading the instructions but lucky for me I read them. It said that it was better to provide sample in the morning just after waking up so that is what I did. The following image is what it looks like after following all the instructions.

This prepaid envelope is part of the kit. All you do is place your vials in the clear plastic bag and also include the release form. Seal the envelope and sent it off.

On my way to the post office I had to have my breakfast. I love my roots!

After eating six delicious tacos I finally made it to the post office.

I sent it off on Friday morning. According to FTDNA’s website it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get my results. I hate waiting but nimodo. If you have taken the test let me know. I would like to learn about your opinion so far with their product. You can leave your comments on the comments section below. Also if you have not taken the test and would lite to do either the FamilyFinder, Y-DNA, or mtDNA you can use this link BUY DNA Test form Family Tree DNA (FYI, if you buy using this link I get a small commission with no extra cost to you).


  1. I did my Y37 with them in July. They have now postponed my results to mid November. Hope you have a quicker response.

      1. No Reason given for the delay. I live about 5 hours from FTDNA. It took two weeks for my kit to get here and two weeks for them to acknowledged that it had been returned.

    1. I personally think that you should start with AncestryDNA. All others have their own purpose as for the accuracy I have people on both camps. The ones that are happy with their results and the ones that don’t. I am in the happy camp and have proven several relations to some matches.

      1. Glad to hear this Moises. I ordered 3 of their 4 tests and am waiting for my results. I chose not to do the most expensive one (DNA Worldview) yet until I see these results.

        1. There is a misunderstanding here. Moises mentioned AncestryDNA. I did a search for DNA Worldview as I had never heard of it. The search lead to AncestrybyDNA which is NOT AncestryDNA. I had seen AncestrybyDNA discounts before while looking for info on AncestryDNA tests in the past.

          I’m afraid you have been tricked into buying tests from a company that is using old DNA testing technology. In fact recently Ancestry filed a trademark case against the company that owns AncestrybyDNA. If you google it you will find a blog post about it with more info on that.

          Hopefully you notice this comment before you spend another dime on that company.

          1. You are right I have seen AncestryByDNA on the Facebook groups that I manage. One person told me they were so disappointed because they thought it was AncestryDNA. AncestryByDNA is usually a group on deal. I recommend everybody stay away form it.

  2. I ordered a simple Ancestry DNA test ( saliva) for myself. It arrived in less than 4 days. Results were back in about 3 weeks. Ordered next for my husband with the same results. Have ordered for daughter and son in law. Pleased with the results. It has helped confirm most of my genealogical research. It did, however, give me 4 lines that I have yet to be able to connect. Feel there likely was a different father involved than anticipated multiple generations back. At this point it looks like the possibility of a Yankee soldier fathering a child in Al or MS during Civil War. Sometimes the search to solve the mystery can be more puzzling than anticipated. Good luck. Sorry you’ve had such a problem.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think I need to update this post. FTDNA is taking way less than before. Anyways, I used to love ancestry but now FTDNA is providing way more tools to analyse our DNA. I still think everyone should test with all companies to try and get matches with cousins that may not have tested with the other companies.

  3. I did my DNA from Ancestry a while ago in hopes on finding ANY leads on who my grandmothers family I was so shocked on the ethnic background part. its amazing how much blood lines run in a family. I have always been told I’m Mexican American well there more Indian in my blood then both.. so I dug more into the family tree an to find out my father has Indian in him an so dose my mother! so now when people ask me what my ethnic background is I tell them you guess is as good as mine haha.

  4. Sarah – November 16, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Activated and mailed my DNA test kit on 11/11/16. I understand it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the results. Like Lisa, I am most interested in the results pertaining to my grandmother’s family which was 100% Irish. However, I feel quite certain there is some German and English in me as well. Whatever the ethnicities, I will be so happy to know about my heritage. I am also very glad to have made a friend in Moises Garza. Funny…we became friends by a faulty test result which pinned me as Mexican origin. That would be fine too!

    1. How did you determine that it was faulty? Also did you contact FTDNA and requested a rerun? Just curious to know since I would like to learn more in case someone feels there is something wrong, with their test, I can give them some advise.

      By the way I am glad that you consider me your friend. : )

  5. Re: the Consent Form — Not signing the (optional) FTDNA Consent form means your results will be excluded from searches for matches. You will be hidden from other people but the downside is that others will also be hidden from you. Since these (FTDNA & Ancestry DNA) tests are about finding cousins with whom you hare DNA, not signing defeats the purpose. Sure, you’ll be able to see your results but they are almost unintelligible and without meaning except in comparison to others’. Genetic genealogy is a team sport; you can’t score if you don’t share the ball.
    If you don’t sign the paper, though, there’s an electronic option. Log onto your FTDNA account and find the website’s link to consent for release of your results.

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