DNA Results for My Mom San Juana Garza Tanguma Lopez

These are the results for my mother San Juana Tanguma Lopez. In this post I just share her results but in my next post I will be comparing her results, my dad’s results and mine. I have finally also uploaded the raw data to Gedmatch to try and do some comparisons there also. I am interested in knowing which part of each chromosome I inherited form each of them but that will be next week. The post after that I will be comparing my DNA results and also the DNA results of my wife and will list every possible match that we have found for each other.

Ethnicity Estimate and DNA Matches

This is the first thing Ancestry gives you. You can see a quick view of your ethnicity and DNA matches (cousins).

I honestly though that my mothers Native American percentage would be higher than 30%. She also has Italy Greece but not as much as my dad. As you can see she has 166 shared ancestor hints and 1033 4th cousins or closer. This is one of the reasons that I stopped responding to DNA messages through ancestry. I just simply don’t have the time to respond to all of them.

Full Ethnicity Estimate and Trace Region

The trace regions turned out to be interesting.  Middle East 5%, Pacific Islander <1%, Scandanavian <1%, and European Jewish 3%. It is interesting to note that AncestryDNA does not classify Jewish as Family Tree DNA does. Family Tree DNA classifies it as ashkenazi jewish thus leaving out sephardic jewish. If anyone has more input on this please let me know in the comments section of this page since comments on Facebook tend to disappear into the nether rather quickly. Another thing, I still have to test my mtDNA. I know that in one of Crispin Rendon’s DNA projects the DNA of the most distant female ancestor, Catalina Ponce, of my moms maternal line has been analysed and taken all the way back to the 1600’s. I hope that my mom’s line does match but time will tell.

Here is the PDF of the MtDNA of Catalina Ponce .

Any questions or comments please let me know int he comment section. God Bless.

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