DNA Kit Received, Done, and Returned

When I got home Yesterday I had a surprise waiting for me at my mailbox. It was Ancestry’s DNA kit. The packaging looked good and had nice branding on it. I know it is not the best quality picture but bellow you can see how it looked.

AncestryDNA Kit

I quickly removed the clear film that kept it all together and removed the side seal. The first thing you will notice, as the picture bellow shows, is the “Welcome to AncestryDNA” booklet. Make sure and read all the instructions before going any further. Since it is important to do it right. Wonder what would happen if there is a problem with it or provided sample. Will they send me another kit? Hopefully I don;t get to find out and everything goes fine.

AncestryDNA Welcome Booklet

Once I moved past reading all the instructions I saw the following. It is the insides of the kit. It had what seemed as an electronic anti-static bag, the saliva collection tube, and the return box.

Insides of AncestryDNA kit.

Before I took the test I did a very important instruction. Before you do anything you need to go to ancestrydna.com/activate and enter the serial number in you test tube. As indicated by Ancestry this is the only way of linking your DNA to you. I first logged in to my Ancestry account and then went over to the activation URL. I followed the easy instructions and activated my DNA kit. This is were you also link the DNA test to you in your family tree.

After i activated my kit I proceeded to provide my sample. I had to spit into the tube until the saliva (not including bubbles) was past the mark. Then you just seal ti with the provided cap and shake as instructed for 5 seconds or more. Once done all you have to do is place the tube with your saliva inside the plastic bag provided and then place it on the return box.  I dropped my box yesterday at the post office. Now it is all just about waiting.


  1. My brother got his results back. He gave me his DNA testing code so I could check his DNA results but where do i input the information?

    1. I think he needs to invite you to view his results. Wich company did he use. I only have experience with AncestryDNA.

  2. I could not get the blue solution to empty into the tube. It spilled out when I was attempting to tighten it. What do I do now?

  3. My daughters ordered the kit for me but apparently you have to pay for membership to use it? That is not stated anywhere and I cannot afford a monthly fee for a membership when all we wanted was the test. Is there any way to register without having to pay a monthly fee?

    1. If you tested with FTDNA log in to your account to see if they received it. I also sent in several in December and they barely received it on the 26th of January. Know it is in processing.

  4. I mailed mine in around the first of January and still have not received the results. Isn’t 6 weeks long enough to get the results?

  5. I went to register my DNA sample, and when I went to Ancestry.com, my wife and I share the same email address. Do I need to use another email? The only other email I use is at work, and I don’t want to go there.

  6. I mailed mine in around the first of May and still have not received the
    results yet. I believe it’s been over 8 weeks.

  7. I mailed my dna in on May 16, 2017 and still have not received my results, when can I expect it?

    Well, then, please answer

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