Changes to FTDNA’s myFamilyTree

Change is not always good but this time it is. FamilyTreeDNA  added some great features to their myFamilyTree. myFamilyTree is exactly what the name implies, it is your family tree. It is the place where you can create your family tree or you can do as me, upload your gedcom database.

There are two major changes that you can see off the bat. The first one being that you now have the ability to see your tree in Pedigree View.04

New Pedigree View

Before, you could only see it on Family View. Here is a picture of Family View.


I never could get used to this view, since in my opinion it is too difficult to view my family tree and too difficult to view the tree’s of my matches. That is the ones that have uploaded their family trees.

Now lets see the new Pedigree View that they implemented about two months ago. Sorry for the late update, life got on the way. : )


As you can see, this view is way better to be able to see your tree or your matches trees at a glance. Now I just wished everyone had a family tree uploaded. If you are one of these people without a tree, come on, give us your love and upload your tree today!

Before I forget, to switch views you will find the buttons on the center top left and they are clearly labeled “Family View” and “Pedigree View”.

Known Relationships Moved

Another feature that changed from your matches page is the “Known Relationships” these are now available from your family tree. On the top left corner of the page you will see a tab labeled “DNA Matches”, just press it and there will be a tab labeled “Known Relationships”. All your previous relationships will be listed there. Now you have the ability to link them to your tree. This is how it looks like.


As you can see from the other tabs, you can also see your mtDNA, Family Finder, and Y-DNA matches all from this place.

That’s it for this blog post. Hey in case that you have been living under a rock and have not heard, FamilyTeeDNA (FTDN) is having their holiday sale. Their FamilyFinder test is at an unprecedented $59.00. Check out the sale here:

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