AncestryDNA Update: Your DNA Sample Has Arrived

As promised I will keep you up to date on my DNA testing with In hopes of giving you a better understanding of the process and to get a better idea of what you can expect as to time frames. Eventually I will also be documenting my results.

Yesterday evening I received an email titled “AncestryDNA Update: Your DNA Sample Has Arrived”. It was short and to the point indicating that they had just received my DNA sample. Bellow you can see a screen shot of the email.

Screenshot of email:

AncestryDNA Update - Your DNA Sample Has Arrived

If you read my earlier post “Genealogy DNA Testing, Decisions, Decisions!!!” you know that it took me four days to receive my testing kit and then if you read my other post “DNA Kit Received, Done, and Returned” then you know that it took me almost 2 weeks for AncestryDNA to receive my DNA in their lab. I am assuming that they received it earlier but just started to process it, but not sure. As you can see from the email after these two weeks it can still take 6- to 8 weeks for me to get my results.

In recap of time frames:

  • 5-16-2014 – Bought Testing Kit
  • 5-20-2014 – Received Testing Kit and Returned Same Day
  • 6-2-2014 – Received email the DNA Made it to the Lab

It’s all good, I am in no hurry, since I still have to see all of the videos that I shared with you in an earlier post “AncestryDNA Learning and Frequently Asked Question Videos“.

Also as of yesterday my AncestryDNA Homepage changed the status from Activated to Lab Processing. I added a screen shot of it here.

AncestryDNA Homepage Status:

AncestryDNA Homepage Status

For now I will just continue to wait and try and get more familiar of how I will be able to use my results at Ancestry and other places. I will keep you posted of any changes, results, or emails. You can always leave me a message in this page or you can follow the conversation at the We Are Cousins Community. Have a great day.

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