AncestryDNA New ‘Shared Matches’ Feature

Ancestry DNA recently added a new feature to their DNA result pages. They are the “Shared Matches”. In order for you to take advantage of this new feature you have to have at least one of your parents tested. I am lucky to have already tested both of them and thus are taking full advantage of this resource. Before I go any further let me thank Ana Torres from our Mexican Genealogy Facebook Group whom posted a link to Ancestry’s Blog post introducing this new feature, it was titled ” See Your DNA Matches in a Whole New Way“.

I quickly read the post and saw the following video.

Video Providing Overview of the Shared Matches feature:

I also want to thank Veronica Torres at our We Are Cousins Facebook Group for making the community there aware of this resource.

Still, for our demographic area some think that this feature its not useful but I disagree with them. Of course you will get countless matches that match both of your parents and I am using these matches to research the known lines that both my parents have in common. Then I am separating the ones that they don’t have in common. know I have a list of people that descend from any other line that both my parents are not related through. It is allot of work and yes there may be errors but only research can verify either or.

The best part is that AncestryDNA at Ancestry is not stale and they are constantly working on improving their service and refine the ethnic percentages as their database grows.

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