AncestryDNA Learning and Frequently Asked Question Videos

I had not even thought about YouTube when I received my AncestryDNA test this past Tuesday. I came across the first video from when I was reading through a discussion at the We Are Cousins Community Facebook page. Juan Angel Cuellar shared it with us to help us clear some questions that we had about DNA and the different tests that are out there. You can read the discussion here.

AncestryDNAI started with the first video that Juan Angel shared with us then I saw the rest of them. With this post I want to share them with you. Lets be clear the videos are not mine and they are from the YouTube page and were created by the Barefoot Genealogist. They contain a wealth of information and I highly recommend that you see them in case that you are also thinking about doing your DNA testing and or have already done it with AncestryDNA.

The 7 Videos that I found about AncestryDNA:

I hope that by watching all these videos your questions are answered and also have a better understanding of how to use and get more out of your DNA results.

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