23andMe DNA Kit Received, Done, and Returned

Finally! I mailed out my DNA kit yesterday to 23andMe. I ordered this DNA kit from 23andme back in September 19, 2015 and received it on Saturday the 26th. They did provide an option for expedited delivery fee but I choose the cheaper option. Not bad, seven days wait only.

You can read my past posts about Ancestry DNA and FamilyTreeDNA in these two posts:

Unlike FamilyTreeDNA, the kit from 23andMe was nice looking and portrayed the company’s image well just like the kit from AncestryDNA.

It was warped with plastic which was great since it turns out that the day it was delivered it rained.

I took the following images so that you can see the contents of the packet.

First thing you notice is the warning to register the kit before you do anything else. I highly recommend that you follow this recommendation since it would reduce the risk of forgetting to do so.

I went to their website and followed the easy steps to register the kit.

Here are the rest of the contents.

Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter, this will prevent you from sending in a bad sample. The most important instructions are to make sue to not drink or eat anything for 30 minutes prior to providing the sample. I did it the following day after waking up.

The above image is the collection tube and the cap.

Finally, the image below shows the bag that you are supposed to send your sample in.

After you place you sample inside the bag you have to put it in the same box it came in. Remove the peel form the glue seal it and mail it out.

That was not so hard, now the wait starts again. According to their website the sample may take one week to arrive and then one week to show as arrived and then 6 to 8 weeks to get the results. I will let you know once I get them.

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